Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dev Log | 020 | The Money Grumbles...

This has not been a fun week so I'll just cut to the chase: Development is officially on hold for Project Ghost for the month of August and possibly September.

As luck would have it my safety net funds for while I was developing the game are now tied up. Nothing bad, just life. So, for the month of August and possibly September I'm taking on some more paid work and bumping up my portfolio so I can comfortably work on Project Ghost without further delays from random curve balls.  -_-

Probably should have mentioned this a week or two ago but things weren't quite so concrete as they are now. For that I apologize. I hope to see you on a Wednesday in September/October.

Like always, thanks for reading.


P.S. I'll make a post on twitter once development is back on schedule.

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