Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dev Log | 001 | Hello World

First post? Check.

Game plan?

About a month ago I decided to go indie; around the same time I started to pack up for my move in June. Like a lot of indies my budget is, for the moment, minimal. With that said, here's a peek at what I like to call my "Cheap Indie Dev Kit".
            Photo taken before I realized my move was postponed for a week because of some unknown issues with the owner.

Cheap Indie Dev Kit- June 2014
 Hardware (pictured)
       Memorex DVD-R Discs
       Stopwatch/Mini clock
       Pentel Icy 0.7mm Lead Pencil
       6 x 9 Multi-Subject Notebooks(x3)
       Athletetech Backpack
       RoseArt Chalkboard Chalk
       Art Gum Eraser
       Rock Candy Wired Xbox 360 Controller (blue)
       Onn Laser Mouse
       Koss Headphones 
       Black Ink Pen
(not pictured)
       Misc. Anatomy books
       Misc. Art books (fantasy emphasis)
       Genius Digital Drawing Tablet (G-Pen 4500)

     Game Maker Studio 1.2 Standard before it went free :)
     Unity 3d
     Gimp 2.8
     VLC Media Player
     Adventure Game Studio

Quite bit of this will need to be upgraded or exchanged for better quality products but for now  I hope it will be fine.

That's it for now. I'll be sketching up some ideas and from there we'll figure out what software will be needed for the game.

Thanks for reading.


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